The Process

“MYD does not mass produce, each piece is designed and manufactured to order, from initial concept to completion ensuring minimal waste and more control over the ecological footprint”



Starting with your vison and through collaboration with Michael, a concept can be transformed to create your piece of bespoke furniture that enhances its surroundings through both functionality and style. Your ideas may consist of a size requirement, a style or a specific function. Michael can take this information you provide and translate this into a design concept.



Michael provides customised drawings of your one-of-a-kind piece which details specifications, materials and finishes. Alterations to the concept can be changed in order to collaboratively work with your vision and budget. Once the final design is approved a quote will be finalised and a deposit will be required upon confirmation of your order.



Working closely with local timber suppliers Michael carefully picks the timber and hardware for your project. Each piece of furniture is hand crafted by Michael employing traditional joinery techniques combined with modern cutting-edge tooling and equipment. Michael endeavours to ensure each piece is finished using Hard-wax oil derived from natural and sustainable raw materials in order to enhance and protect the timber.
Michael Yabsley


Michael Yabsley

My love and passion for my craft began as a 14-year-old school-based carpentry apprentice and has been cultivated throughout the years with rigorous training focusing on design and refined finishes distinctive to architecturally designed homes. However, I was unable to ignore the vast amount of waste the building industry produced. It was this revelation that began my efforts to salvage and repurpose timber destined for landfill using a combination of modern carpentry techniques and experimenting with traditional woodworking methods to craft one-of-a-kind timber pieces.

Inspired by the natural texture, grain and pattern unique to each piece of timber I dedicated my time to honing my skills to create timeless, artful solid timber furniture. The concept for Michael Yabsley Designs was born in a small residential garage out of a desire to turn this passion into a business. This notion has grown and evolved to become a successful business providing hand crafted pieces for the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

With a passionate interest in sustainability and an awareness of the ecological damage deforestation has on the environment MYD endeavours to use both ethically sourced and recycled timber. Along with design and construction of one-of-a-kind pieces I also restore and refinish existing timber furniture to bring beautiful heirloom pieces back to life reducing the impact of landfill.